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Unreal Project

This is for a college project, I'm working within a small team to create a level that resembles my college. It's based within the world of The Division, that's yet to be shown as it's still going through some of the blocking out stages. Hopefully I can show some deterioration in some areas to make it more obvious that it's in the world of The Division games. So far I've made assets like computer chairs, desks, computers, doors, a pistol and crates. I'm using props that the Unreal Engine uses to just be placeholders for now until I can create my own assets or use some of my team mates assets as we've created a pool of them to share across our levels.

I'm doing the second level of the college, this is why my level doesn't have a roof or anything like that, we may add that in later if we have spare time. I will post screenshots of my assets soon, and show more progress when it nears completion.

Low poly, not unwrapped/textured yet.

Not unwrapped/textured yet.

Unfinished pistol, topology needs to be fixed. Not unwrapped/textured yet.

Desk model, not unwrapped/textured yet.

Double doors, not unwrapped/textured yet.

Single door, no handle on the other side as they're just decorative and not meant to be opened from the other side. Not unwrapped/textured yet.

Unwrapped, textured with normal map - rust will be applied in Unreal.

Crate, will be adding rust/moss to it in Unreal if I have time.